Deshaun Watson on DeAndre Hopkins Hail Mary catch: “That’s just Hop”

Former Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins made a catch for the ages on Sunday. Current Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, along with other former Hopkins teammates, witnessed the moment as it happened.

“We were on the plane ride coming back from Cleveland,” Watson told reporters on Wednesday. “I mean, that’s just Hop. No surprise. That’s a guy that does that on the daily basis. That’s what he’s known for, being legendary in legendary moments. He made a great play for them and he got them the W.”

Indeed he did, and every big play Hopkins makes operates as a twist to the knife in the gut of Texans fans who wish Houston had found a way to keep him. But the team didn’t want to rip up the remaining years on his contract and give Hopkins the raise he wanted.

Although most of the blame for the trade has been placed on former coach/G.M. Bill O’Brien, owner Cal McNair signed off on the move.

“[W]hen Hopkins wanted to re-do his contract, it just wasn’t something we could do,” McNair said last month.

So it wasn’t just O’Brien. It was the organization. Or at least it was the people in the organization who don’t line up and play.